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Disposal Guidelines

Acceptable Materials:

o Tree and Shrub material

 max 18" dia limbs

o Brush and Plant Clippings

approx 7 paper lawn and leaf bags = 1 cu yd 


Clean sod - free from rocks, sticks, trash

Bulk wood - limbs greater than 18"   must be separated from other yard waste.  

Disposal fee is $9.00 per cubic yd 

for tree and shrubs limbs, brush and plants, sod and bulk wood - amount is determined by Mahomet Landscape recycling personnel and will be rounded to the nearest cubic yard.

Wood chips can be disposed of free of charge

  Acceptable materials must be deposited in the designated areas during business hours and must be free of any trash or refuse. Drivers are responsible for separating their own load and shall remove unacceptable materials before dumping. Mahomet Landscape Recycling reserves the right to refuse any load deemed unacceptable. 

Unacceptable Materials:

 Refuse and Debris

Trash/Garbage or Animal and Food Waste

Construction lumber or Railroad ties

Plastic/paper bags

Wood pallets

Flocked Christmas trees

Tree stumps or root wads



*Disposal of concrete, rock, or clean soil by approval only.


**Customers are responsible for knowledge of their vehicles weight limitations. Material weight is increased when wet. Mahomet Landscape Recycling material weight is an estimation. 

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